Membership FAQs

If you have a question please ask via the email contact form on the contact us page and we will get back to you as soon as possible
  1. Q:   Do I have to live in Wannock?
    A:   No. We will welcome you wherever you live.

  2. Q:   Do I have to cook and make jam?
    A:   No. If we are having a party or running a stall we ask for volunteers. .

  3. Q:   Would I have to stand up and talk?
    A:   No.

  4. Q:   Are the halls you use suitable for disabled people?
    A:   Wannock Village Hall is wheelchair friendly and has the Loop system. It also has a disabled toilet.

  5. Q:   Do you have a Craft Group?
    A:   Not at present but we are hoping it will restart in the future.